B&W and Color Photography – Abstracts, Architecture, Street Photography


Sam Millers

Third Eye

B T Crump Bldg

Red 1978

Shadow to Substance

Steamer Co. No. 5

Soho Abstract 5

Moondance Diner

Abstract 1983

Carlyle 2

Paris Street Scene

Pigalle Station

Paris Street Scene


Red 1984


Sacre Coeur

Decatur St

Box CarTheme

Elegy for Gordon

Jackson ward

Shy Carny

Baritone Hippie

Paris Cafe

Ellusive Subject

Heads Up

Chinatown Posters

Jug Department

Knoxville Temporary

Variations on A Trumpet

Before the World Sees Your Car

Petrified Dunes

Acoma Mesa

Acoma 3

Big Jim


James River Patriarch

Disparate Beauties

VW Graveyard #4

VW Graveyard #3

VW Graveyard #1

Final Look

Jim Ware

Rain # 1

Michigan Beet Farmer


Pigeon Shit & Ivory

Red Twice



Deco Fluting


Old City Hall

It’s Universal

Geometry of Childhood

Bag Masks


Of all the multi-print media, photography allows the greatest facility to produce and distribute original art at an affordable price.  The photographic print a collector pays $600,000 for is of no higher quality, has no more visual appeal than a comparable print without a history, a print that bears no name or number.  I’ve never made limitedd editions. All photographs are copyrighted by photographer.  The files I post will yield good quality images up to 6′ on the long dimension.  All are invited to download whatever strikes their fancy, strictly for their own aesthetic use.  Larger prints can be ordered at a reasonable price.  Contact    castelvecchi.tony@gmail.com